Unlock the potential of your health and fitness data

Take your data with you and 

let it tell your story

Move your health and fitness data when you change your device

Voliot enables users to move your health and fitness data between fitness devices, making sure everything you were counting before is still counted now.

Just because it is time to say goodbye to your fitness tracker doesn't mean it's time to say goodbye to your fitness data.

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Use your data to tell your story

Voliot's dashboard will help you combine data from different devices and services, to visualise the data story you need to tell.

Too often people turn to fitness devices or online services to track particular measurements that are important to them, just to find they cannot visualise those measurements as they like - or share the observations with others.

Voliot can help users pull their health and fitness data into one place, and see it they way they want to.

Co-creation means that this is your app

Voliot is building technologies based upon what our users need, not what we think they need.

Voliot has women co-founders who have  researched devices and personal data. 


We know the industry doesn't go far enough in helping users actually use their data. There is no recognition that your long term data can be valuable to you; that its reuse could be fundamental to understanding the health and fitness concerns you want to explore.


Be involved, get technology that works for you.


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