Voliot Ltd

Using your data to keep track of your conditions.

Take control of your data and use it to understand what is going on with you holistically.

Reuse data from your devices and apps

The only way to really use the data you create from your fitness devices and apps is to bring them into one place and see what they show you when used together. If you want to switch from an old device, we can help you move your data to the new device.


Add in all the other data types you need 

Devices and apps don't track what you need? Add your own data  so you can track what you need, as often as you need.


Visualise and really use your data

Use graphs to visualise your data over time and get a better understanding of what your data is showing.  Keep it for yourself or share it with those that are supporting your health journey.  Use the app's visualisations, or download the data and use it however you need.

Supported by UCL Innovation and Enterprise

voliot ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. 

Registered number 13345023.


Registered address International House, 64 Nile St, London N1 7SR.

Information Commissioner's Office Registration Number: ZB073023.

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