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Why move it?

Voliot believes that the data you create should remain yours to use. In particular, if you are using a device or service to track long-term goals or outcomes, you should be able to use that data long-term, regardless of the device you're using.

This movement of data between devices is virtually impossible to achieve at the moment - even though there is increasing recognition of the need for a functioning right to data portability to make that happen.

Until that right is widely available and usable directly between devices, we will be there to facilitate that movement.

Why use it?

Voliot wants to arm their users with ways to engage with their fitness and health data, so that they can create a data story that make sense to them.  Too often, data is taken into a device, but not presented back in ways that are meaningful to act upon or share with others.

Health and fitness based services depend on prior research and science. We know scientific research is typically based on experiments using male participants, to the detriment of all those that are not male.

We know that fitness trackers are optimised for use by men, pushing the user - no matter who they are - to targets that may not be optimal, or even safe, for them.

We know that patients that are not men are more likely to be told that symptoms are "all in their heads", and have to wait shockingly long times to reach diagnoses - either because symptoms are vague or different to classic male presentations. The same can be true for other chronic illnesses, as has been highlighted with the difficulty of COVID long-haulers getting adequate support

Voliot believes that users who have the data should be able to use that data to test out their concerns, to manage their conditions - to show themselves, and anyone else who needs to see it - that it is not "all in their heads".

Why co-creation?

Voliot's core premise is that technology should work for the individual that is using it - and that, all too often, it simply does not. Digital technologies are not created in a vacuum.  They - consciously or unconsciously - embody the lived experience of the developers.

As such, co-creation of product and community is a necessary part of creating a product that is built with the user in mind.  We know there are many gaps that we believe need to be addressed - but we approach this with our own histories, backgrounds and biases, and that's just not good enough to put ourselves in the shoes of our users.

Co-creation for us means getting our users involved from the start.  Using our previous academic research experience, we invite interested users to participate in focus groups, interviews and surveys to frame our design needs and priorities, to help in the testing process and participate in ongoing discussions to build the product that is perfect for them.

Voliot recognises that a product must be designed for its users. Co-creation is the way that we make this happen.