What is co-creation?

voliot firmly believes in the value of co-creation - but what do we mean when we say that?

The process of stakeholder involvement at all stages

That is to say, we think we have a plan and an important product for many people. But the people who really decide what is the most important are our stakeholders.

In the first instance this will be our users. Even within the team at Voliot, we have ways we want to use our system as users. July to understand what it takes for her to eat, sleep and move consistently. Sarah to monitor her energy levels against her sleep, daily routine and protein intake.

But that's us: what about you?

We know that technology doesn't work for a lot of people as well as it could. We do not want to fall into the trap of doing exactly the same thing.

This is where co-creation comes in.

So what does it look like?

Good question! Both Sarah and July are experienced qualitative researchers, with significant experience in running ethically sound individual and group interview and focus group sessions.

If you express an interest in helping in our co-creation, we will be led by you to create the experience that is most comfortable for you. If you want to participate in a focus group with people you may not know, that's great. Want to talk individually? Also fine. Want to give thoughts in writing? Not a problem, just let us know.

A typical live co-creation session runs as follows.

Step 1: Consent and Initial survey

Once you express an interest in attending a session, we will send you some detailed information about us, the terms of the process and our commitments to you and your privacy. We will ask you to agree to be audio-recorded (for more, see step 3). In return, we will ask you to agree to keeping aspects of what we discuss confidential, and not to disclose information about fellow participants. If it is helpful for the particular session (or if you've not taken part before), we may send you a short survey to collect some demographic information.

Step 2: Co-creation session

At this point, our co-creation sessions are looking to get people's experience of technology as a means of tracking particular life issues. In the future, as voliot grows and changes, this will grow, and we will look to involve people in testing, further iterations of development and so on.

But for now, information gathering and sharing. This will be a session of no more than an hour, where we will explain what we're hoping to achieve, and ask a series of questions about your use of technology to track aspects of your life - what you like, what you don't, what works and what doesn't. And then, ask for your thoughts on what would help you - what features would make your life better. We will audio-record these sessions - assuming everyone is ok with that.

Step 3: Transcription

Once a session is complete, we will transcribe it - write up what was said, anonymising everyone by stripping out any personally identifiable information. We then delete the audio-recordings. These transcriptions are then used, en masse, to identify common themes for us to take forward.

Step 4: Inclusion in product requirements

The most important features to come out of the co-creation session are added to our product requirements backlog and worked upon.

Step 5: We tell you!

Alongside step 4, we communicate with those that participate in our co-creation sessions about the outcomes of those sessions, and how to participate in the future.

And then we start again....

Co-creation is not customer validation or market research. It's a way of building a community around our product. And so this process does not end, it evolves as the product does.

Want to get involved?

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