Privacy Policy

We, at voliot, have not placed any particular trackers or other mechanisms ourselves to understand who has come here.  If you want us to know you've been here, get in touch

We host our website through Wix. As you will have noticed, they do place cookies on the website for analytics purposes. We cannot remove these.  They give us information about how many people have visited the site, which pages they looked at and so on. If you want more information, get in touch ( and we'll take you through what we see. We personally think you should deselect all of please do go ahead. We really don't mind :)

Our mailing lists are run through MailerLite. They are set up to store your data - which for us will be limited to your name and your email address, plus any information about devices or interests you might provide at the time of signup - in line with the GDPR

 (so they proudly proclaim). Their privacy policy is here if you would like to learn more.

We use Google Workspace to manage all our email. You might want to look at the privacy policies for Google's products if you are concerned with how your details may be used.

Similarly, if you contact us through Twitter, we will retain the information that is supplied through the Tweet or Direct Message for the period we are in contact.  You will have to read Twitter's privacy policy if you have further concerns about how Twitter manages your data.

If you do contact us, and provide us with personal data that you subsequently wish or need to exercise any of your data subject's rights over (in the UK or EU), or even if you're not covered by the GDPR/UK GDPR and want control over the data we have about you, just get in touch at