Example Use Cases

Understanding what Voliot will solve

voliot uses co-creation to drive our product development forward.

But why did we start thinking about this, and is voliot a product for you?  

Here are some use cases, explaining how we think the different strands of our product benefit users with specific needs.

Using your data

Maria has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which she feels makes certain aspects of her life tricky.  She uses a fitness tracker, which takes in her activities, her menstrual cycle, her food intake and weight.

She wants to be able to track specific types of data to see if there are relations between them. This isn't possible in her fitness tracker app.

voliot will allow visualisation of:

  • protein intake against weight loos

  • exercise levels against weight loss

  • menstruation against exercise levels

so that Maria can: 

  • understand correlations that might inform how she approaches ongoing management of her PCOS.


Maria - wants to use her data

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Chris - wants to move and use his data

Moving and using your data

Chris has been suffering various symptoms associated with Long Covid, since contracting COVID-19 four months ago.  His partner has just bought a new fitness tracker for Chris to use.

Chris is suffering with vague and relapsing/remitting symptoms, including brain fog and fatigue that make it hard to quantify to explain to a medical professional. These symptoms cannot be tracked with his fitness tracker.

Chris wants to move data to his new device, and use the data to get a better understanding of his Long Covid symptoms for himself, and to share with others.

voliot will:

  • take in and translate his historical health and fitness data to import into their new device

  • use data from the old and new devices, and allow Chris to input his own data types (such as levels of brain fog, fatigue), to use alongside.

  • allow visualisation of:

    • heart rate against exercise levels​

    • exercise levels against brain fog

    • exercise levels against fatigue

so that Chris can: 

  • advocate for himself in the face of limited empirical research and understanding.


Ros - wants to move their data

Moving your data

Ros has used a fitness tracker for many years, but it's too limiting for the training they are doing for an upcoming triathlon. 


They want to move to a new device, but don't want to lose the historical data.

voliot will:

  • take in and translate their historical health and fitness data to import into their new device

so that Ros can: 

  • have consistently available data in their new device